Pro Football Hall of Fame

Attractions > > Canton > Canton Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio Pro Football Hall of Fame is the ultimate destination for any football fan. Located in the birthplace of professional football, this museum celebrates and preserves the history of America’s favorite sport. It is home to more than 200 interactive exhibits, including … Read more

Akron Art Museum

Attractions > > Canton > Canton Akron Art Museum in Canton, Ohio Akron Art Museum is an exciting place to explore the world of art. The museum features a wide array of permanent and changing exhibits, showcasing pieces from all over the globe. From ancient sculptures to modern paintings, you’ll find something new and captivating … Read more

Akron Zoological Park

Attractions > > Canton > Canton Akron Zoological Park in Canton, Ohio Akron Zoological Park is a wildlife paradise. The zoo features over 700 animals from around the world, including some endangered species. Visitors can explore different habitats like Asian Highlands, African Savannah, and Water’s Edge. Each area offers unique experiences such as feeding giraffes … Read more