Woodlawn’s Master Plan for 1999-2003

This is a historic document from 1999

It is the result of many hours of hard work, serious debate and visioning about the future of the Village of Woodlawn. It is a process that in many ways has just begun, because it is intended to raise community expectations.

This is a community development plan in the broadest sense, intended to address not only the physical development of the Village but the expansion of its soft services as well. It is a charter that will set the direction of the Village for the next 5 to 10 years and beyond.

The implementation of the projects set forth in this plan will, among other things: completely alter the appearance of Springfield Pike by creating a bona fide business district; finalize the development of a community center; spawn the construction of new single-family housing, an assisted living facility, an upscale apartment complex, “superstore” grocery, retail development and the Woodlawn Commerce Park.

This plan has resulted from the substantial review of previous plans and associated documents as well as the consideration of more recent research. Its design and content have been driven by the Long Range Planning Committee, a group of dedicated, committed residents, business persons, the Mayor, a Council person and Village staff who gave innumerable hours in endless meetings to provide their insights, concerns, ideas and inspirations. Some of the specific long- term desires of the community have come into focus and taken form as plans as a result of these forums.

Among the key elements of the Plan is research conducted by the University of Cincinnati’s Institute for Policy Research. Quantitative research conducted in the Spring of 1998 resulted in baseline data defining residents’ awareness of and satisfaction with Village services as well as their vision for the Village’s future.

  • Focus groups were conducted subsequent to UC’s IPR telephone survey to augment and enhance the process, create greater validity and reliability and provide more statistically significant data.
  • The Long Range Planning Committee is comprised of the following members:
Paula TaylorChair
Susan Upton FarleyMayor
Peter KnoxPlanning Commission Chair
Jonnie RabbVice-Mayor
Marjie DoganActing Village Manager
Charles HuntStaff
Terry MeadowsService Director
Rowena GillamVillage Council Member
Gina MooreResident
Cliff MuellerResident
James SmileyResident
Mike SmithFirstar Bank
Dan StevesPlant Equipment
Loretta StrayhornResident
Audley SmithPrincipal Woodlawn Elementary School
Doug WehmeyerStaff
Allen WeinerAnchor Brothers Properties
Tim ZellickHamilton County Park District
Dan BlyBuilding Commissioner
Darren MillsProject Manager/Zoning Officer

This Plan is the third produced by the Village since its incorporation in 1956. Limited strategic planning initiatives have been undertaken by the Village, the first being the 1969 Master Plan, followed by 1975’s Comprehensive Master Plan, which focused on Springfield Pike Redevelopment, the development of the recreation complex and the extension of Marion Road. Features of the initial long-range plans are reflected in this Plan.

Fieldstone Apartment Complex : A 350 unit complex of luxury apartments currently being completed on the old Burchenal farms at the north end of the Pike in Woodlawn (next to the Commons Apartment Complex). The Buckingham Company out of Indianapolis are the developers.

Glenwood Crossing Retail Center: A Kroger Store and nine other retail stores will be a part of this complex! This is adjacent to the apartment complex.

Hamilton County Park District Garden Center Complex: The Park District is developing an attractive garden center which will feature a reception hall, corporate and community meeting rooms with catering among other amenities.

Woodlawn Commerce Center: This development located on the east side of Springfield Pike to the south of Glendale-Milford Road is the site of an office commercial retail park. It will ultimately involve the development of at least 20 acres.

West Fork Mill Creek Greenway: This is a new hike-bike trail facility that is the result of a collaborative effort of Woodlawn, Wyoming, several corporate partners and Hollydale.

New Woodlawn Bath House: Woodlawn municipal pool has received a major face-lift with the completion of a new bathhouse facility and a new pool.