This is a historic document from the Village of Woodlawn 2003

Municipal Manager 771-6130
The Municipal Manager is the full-time administrator of the Village responsible under the Charter for management over-sight of the municipality. The Manager reports directly to Council and serves as ex-officio of all boards and commissions. The Manager is the key contracting officer for the Village.

Finance Director 771-4008
The Finance Director as the chief fiscal officer of the Village supervises payroll, tax and accounts payable/receivable.

Fire Department 771-0233

The Fire Department is comprised of 11 full time and 18 part time members. It provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each 24 hour shift is staffed by 6 firefighters. There is a day time administrative staff of two. The Fire Department is a community oriented progressive department that provides many services, including but not limited to:

  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Fire Safety Education Classes
  • CPR Classes
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Counseling Program
  • Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector
  • Wellness Program

The Fire Department is committed to provide the highest possible level of service to the residents and business community of Woodlawn.

Police Department 771-8480
The Woodlawn Police Department is comprised of 17 sworn officers who provide around the clock protection to the Village. Operating under the Community Oriented Policing concept, the department sponsors a Crime Prevention program, PAL, and DARE programs for the benefit of residents and youth. The Department takes great pride in the Security it provides for the area businesses.

Police Dispatch EMERGENCY ONLY 911
Hamilton County Community Center

Recreation 771-5745

The Recreation and Community Services Department is housed in the new year-round Woodlawn Municipal Poolhouse at this time. Working with many volunteer and business people through out the year, the department oversees a variety of team sports programs for youth and adults, and individual/small group instruction in tennis, piano, etc. The Department also houses karate, tai chi and aerobics classes.

Businesses are welcome to reserve use of the facilities – meeting rooms, the Woodlawn Shelter or Municipal Pool for their employees. Currently, Recreation has completed the development of a Hike-Bike Trail. Facilities include the municipal swimming pool, two tennis courts, four ball fields and a park facility and shelter.

Public Works 771-1947

The Public Works Department takes care of most maintenance tasks for the Village including street cleaning, grounds up-keeping and landscaping, snow removal, leaf and brush removal and building maintenance.

The six people staff is complemented by seasonal workers.

Tax Department 771-4008

Woodlawn’s income tax has been 1.4% since 1986. All businesses located or doing business in the Village (including contractors) are required to register with the Tax Department. Employee income tax withholding payments are due on April 30, July 31, September 30 and January 31. The withholding reconciliation is due April 30.

Building Commissioner and Zoning Officer/Project Manager

The Woodlawn Building Department administers and enforces the Ohio Basic Building Code (OBBC) for 1, 2, or 3 family dwellings. For new construction, additions, alterations, repairs or replacement of existing structure, a Building Permit and/or Certificate of Occupancy is required. A Building Permit is also required for work on the following items:

  • Street or curb cuts, alteration, opening or repair
  • Hearing, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Sprinkler and fire-suppression systems
  • Pool
  • Signs
  • Fences
  • Right-of-way improvements
    A filing fee based on estimated cost is required at the time of application. Final approval of the permit is issued by the Village Building Commissioner and the Zoning Officer.
    Applicants for a building permit must submit five (5) identical sets of construction plans and specifications, and the completed application form, along with the appropriate filing fee.
    A Certificate of Occupancy is required for any change in use, owner, or tenant as well as after completion of the construction of alteration of a structure. All structures must be in compliance with the Woodlawn Zoning Ordinance and the Ohio Basic Building Code before occupancy is permitted. The following information must be submitted:
  • A letter on company letterhead
  • A floor or site plan
  • A filing fee submitted at the time of application

Applications for Building Permits or Certificates of Occupancy may be obtained at the Woodlawn Municipal Building, 10141 Woodlawn Blvd. Final approval of the certificate of occupancy is issued by the Village Building Commissioner and the Zoning Officer.