Mastering Bird Photography

Master the Art of Bird Photography!

For photography, light plays a big role. The few characteristics of light make a photograph wonderful, if you can use them properly.

bird photo

You will find that the best time to go for bird photography is either early morning or late afternoon. These are the times when the light is usually the best as it is soft. Another advantage is that the birds are very active during this period.

You have to remember that composition is generally very simple in the case of Bird Photography. A few basic composition principles will make a huge difference:

Aim for complimentary background for color contrast. Without a proper color contrast, you cannot have a robust photograph.

You should fill up the frame with the bird. It looks better this way.

The background should be clean. In other words, the photograph of the bird should be visible and not mixed up.

We see the birds from our height. But birds see it from a few inches to few feet. So, to get a feeling of the bird’s own view, you need to get down to your knee to reach their level.

Take the photograph of the birds from the eye level of the birds. Obviously it cannot be done when the birds are in flight

In this way, you get more intimate photographs of birds as you get an eye contact.

When you take photograph in this way, the bird does not get scared as you can hardly move.

We always try to make an eye connection with any living being. The case is no different with birds. In your photographs, if there is no light in their eyes, they look dull and lifeless. So you need to try to capture the light in their eyes, which is called the catch light.

This can be achieved by keeping the bird’s eye in sharp focus. You need to check if there is a catch light in the bird’s eye. This is easy to achieve if the bird is lit from the front. And of course, you need to shoot from the bird’s eye level.

We tend to photograph an individual bird in bird photography. While capturing photographs of individual birds, you should always try to fill the entire frame with the bird. This gives a much better photograph.

Filling the frame with the bird makes it easier to focus on the bird. If desired, it is easier to get a blurred or bokeh effect which makes the photograph very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

However, if you want the picture to speak a thousand words, you need to photograph the bird along with its surroundings instead of it filling the frame.

If you want to photograph the bird in its natural habitat, you should make the bird an integral part of its surroundings. If there are more than one bird in the photograph, it is best to depict the interaction between the birds in their natural habitat.

If you want to capture birds in flight, it is better to use the burst mode to take multiple shots and then select the best photographs.

To take the perfect photograph, you need to focus more on technique than investing in expensive and smart equipments. Patience is the more important trait when it comes to bird photography.