Woodlawn Council

This is a historic document from the Village of Woodlawn 2003

Susan Upton-Farley Mayor
Marji Dogan Acting Manager
Jonnie Rabb, Vice- Mayor

Council Members
Scott Gelder
Rowena Gillam
Mary Gowdy
Rodney Minter
Jerry Mitchell
Village Solicitor
Lou Lausche
Council Meetings2nd and 4th Tuesday7:00PM
Law Committee3rd Wednesday7:00PM
Finance Committee3rd Wednesday7:00PM
Service Committee4th Wednesday7:00PM
Recreation Commission3rd Tuesday7:00PM
Safety Committee1st Wednesday7:00PM
Service Committee4th Wednesday7:00PM
Recreation Committee1st Tuesday7:00PM
Zoning Board of AppealsScheduled As Needed
Economic Development Committee4th Monday7:30 PM
Family Day Committee4th Thursday6:30 PM
Hike Bike Committee1st Thursday9:30 AM
Mayor Susan Upton Farley, worked at Procter & Gamble, prior to becoming mayor for the Village of Woodlawn. Mayor Farley has six adult children and has been mayor since 1992. She has been a resident of Woodlawn all of her life, now living in her childhood home.
Accomplishments as Mayor:

    * Improvement of the underpass, Springfield Pike and completion of Glendale-Milford Road

    * Purchase of Hamilton County Garage on Marion Road

    * New Bike-Hike Trail-initiated by the Village that will link Winton Woods and Woodlawn to other communities

    * First New Residential Subdivision in 40 years

    * Renovation of the Municipal Building and Parking Lot

    * Provided needed health insurance for Fire Department and Paramedic personnel

    * Started Beautification Project for all Village Properties

    * Received several State and County Grants

    Projects developed:

    * Fieldstone at Glenwood Crossing: $22 million, 352 unit luxury apartment complex which is expected to add 700 more residents

    * New $9 million Retail Center with a Super Kroger and nine other stores.

    * New $15 20 million Woodlawn Commerce Center(Trane Company).      This project is part of a revitalization of the Springfield Pike downtown district.


Councilman Rodney Minter          

Rodney Minter, age 46, Married, wife Pamela, one son Jarred, employed 23 years with Cinergy in Customer Billing and Collection.

I was born in Lincoln Heights to Oscar and Elsie Minter. I was raised in Woodlawn, attending Riddle Road, Old South Woodlawn Elementary, and Princeton junior High. I later graduated from Mount Healthy Senior High in 1972. After graduation, I went to work and received Technical Training to help in my job along the way. In 1987, married my wife Pamela and moved back to the Village of Woodlawn. Shortly thereafter, I became active and served on the Recreation Commission for 3 years as a Member and Chairperson. After having gained such valuable experience, I wanted to make a much greater impact within the Village. In 1995 I ran and was elected for Village Council in precinct A and was subsequently reelected in November 1999.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the supporters of change in the village for your vote.
Lou Lausche – Village Solicitor

Lou Lausche has served or assisted as the Solicitor of the Village of Woodlawn for nearly 35 years. Mr. Lausche, a 1962 graduate of Ohio University and a 1965 graduate of University of Cincinnati Law School began in the office of Neiman, Aug, Elder & Jacobs soon after graduation.

Mr. William H. Neiman served at that time as the Village Solicitor and Mr. Lausche served as his assistant for over 18 years. Upon the retirement of Mr. Neiman in 1980 Lou officially became the Village Solicitor.

In his official capacity as solicitor. Mr. Lausche duties are to attend council meetings and other meetings as requested , act as general council for the Village officials in all legal matters, reviews contracts, represents the Village in court and serves as prosecutor for Woodlawn Mayors Court.

Mr. Lausche has an office at 10045 Springfield Pike for the general practice of law, is married and has 4 adult children.